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Доступні курси


This is a Complete course for beginners.

Trough a lot of lessons and homeworks you can master your DevOps knowledge, skillset 

Course Agenda

  • Introduction to IT and Computer Science
  • Python 01
  • Linux 01 + bash scripting
  • CI/CD
    • GitHub Actions, GitLab
  • Ansible
    • inventory
    • modules
    • roles
  • Terraform
    • project bootstraping
      • providers
      • state, remote state
    • modules, resources
    • variables, outputs
    • workspaces vs separate projects states
  • Containerization
  • AWS under Free Tier + Terraform
  • K8s workshop
    • architecture overview
    • work with basic components
      • Pod, Deployment, StatefulSet
      • PV,PVC
      • namespaces
      • ConfigMaps, Secrets
    • CI/CD for containerized application 
      • e2e deploying application to K8s environment
        • minikube + self hosted github actions
      • Helm
  • GitOps basics 
    • ArgoCD
  • Monitoring
    • Zabbix, CloudWatch
  • Azure workshop and course project

Course presentation on YouTube

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